Medical + Bottle

Clinically proven to follow natural rhythm. Efficient and safe for combining breastfeeding with bottle-feeding.

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LOVI Medical Bottle

The Medical feeding bottle follows Active Suckling Reflex lowering chances nipple confusion and comfortable combining of breastfeeding and bottle-feeding in babies. It is made of revolutionary material which is highly resistant to heat and damage of repeated sterilization process.

SUPER vent Dynamic Teat

Advanced anti colic system with innovative super-vent valve

Revolutionary Material

Revolutionary material : (Co-polyester) stays clear after long use and does not become cloudy unlike other baby feeding bottles. It is resistant to high temperature and damage to bottle sterilization process.

Natural Suckling Reflex

The Medical baby bottle follows active suckling reflex, the natural suckling rhythm of a baby. Following natural rhythm lowers chances of nipple confusion and colic.

Ergonomic shape and contours on the medical baby feeding bottle provide correct grip to follow the baby’s rhythm at correct angle.

Medically Tested

Medical tests carried out among physicians, nurses and midwives as well as parents of 607 infants (in Polish hospitals and pediatric clinics) confirm that LOVI baby feeding bottles with Dynamic Teat follow undisturbed natural suckling reflex and correct course of suckling function that does not disturb breastfeeding routine of a baby.

Feeding with love

Breastfeeding is always the best for babies, but bottles are must have accessories for moms. Combining breastfeeding and bottle-feeding in newborn babies sometimes becomes important for health reason.LOVI bottles maintain natural suckling rhythm (correct swallow and proper breathing through nose)and are best baby feeding bottles to combine with breastfeeding. Following the natural rhythm encourages correct work of lip and tongue muscles, which is important for future teeth & speech development and lower chances of nipple confusion and colic.

NOTE: The LOVI brand recommends breastfeeding as the healthiest feeding method. It recommends to start using an alternative feeding method only after consulting your medical practitioner, midwife or pharmacist if breastfeeding is impossible or insufficient.