Dynamic Teat

Safe as breastfeeding. Follows Natural Suckling reflex

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Natural combination of breast feeding with Bottle

The LOVI Dynamic teat is made of non-uniform layers of silicone unlike most bottle nipples. A mother’s breast tissue also has different thickness, thinner near the nipple and thicker at the base. The similarity in design and function of Dynamic Teat with mother’s breast makes combining of bottle feeding with breastfeeding easy. The baby swallows and breathes in a natural rhythm just like breastfeeding while using Dynamic Teat. (42-84 suckles/min and one swallow after 3-5 sucks).

Natural Suckling Rhythm

The thin, flexible tip constantly elongates and contracts just like a mother’s nipple during breastfeeding. The built in internal nipple channels regulate flow and pressure of milk.

Natural Latch

The nipple base made of thick silicone layers. It is broad so that a baby can latch tightly which prevents spilling from corners and inhaling air with milk.

SUPER vent Anti-Colic Technology

Dynamic Teat has advanced anti colic system with innovative super-vent valve. The air vents control air flow, reduce colic and collapse of the teat.

Unique Technology of Non-Homogenous Silicone Layers

Medically Tested

LOVI Dynamic teat is made of non-uniform layers of silicone, just like tissue in a mother’s nipple. The teat is designed to function like a mother’s nipple. Clinical trials in Polish hospitals have established that LOVI bottle nipples simulate a baby’s natural rhythm because of their unique construction.

Natural Harmony

The Dynamic Teat encourages a baby’s suckling reflex rhythm by ensuring correct breathing and swallowing coordination. Natural suckling ensures proper development of lips, palate and tongue muscles which are important for future progress of speech in a baby. Did you know that the baby bottle nipple that you choose for feeding milk is also related to a baby’s speech?