Antibacterial Non Spill Cup

Independent drinking without spilling and bacteria.

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Antibacterial Non-Spill cup

The non-spill cup comes with a patented antibacterial technology of silver ions to kill 99% bacteria (E.Coli & MRSA) within 24 hrs of use. Independently tested for confirmed antibacterial protection. Simple design affords easy cleaning. The baby feeding cup is a low maintenance, high hygiene protection option for active toddlers.

Antibacterial Protection

The non-spill cup has integrated one way silicone valve with patented technology of silver granules to kill 99% bacteria (E.Coli & MRSA) within 24 hrs of use.

Non slip handles-Base

The antibacterial non-spill cup comes with rubber coated, soft touch handles and base. The handles are removable.

Hygienic and Safe

The non-spill toddler cup has a one-way fixed silicone valve. It is simple and easy to clean and does not allow liquids to spill over even when your baby is throwing the cup around. A cover keeps the spout hygienically clean.

Scratches and abrasions will not wear away antibacterial properties.


SteriTouch® protection uses an additive based on ionic silver, which holds extensive approvals including those for food contact. All of the active components are approved by the EFSA and FDA and supported on the Biocidal Product Regulations. The antimicrobial performance of the end product is confirmed by independent testing to the international standards (JIS and ISO).

Why Antibacterial protection

An antimicrobial product will restrict the growth of bacteria, fungi and mould. Mould growth is responsible for respiratory complaints, especially in damp and humid environments where it’s prevention is otherwise difficult. The antibacterial protection of silver ions works continuously and effectively to restrict growth of harmful bacteria. We all know that being exposed to certain types of bacteria builds a healthy immune system. However, bacterial infections such as MRSA, E. coli and Listeria can be very serious and antibacterial protection acts as a complementary measure to routine cleaning.