LOVI 360° Cup

No Spout, No Spilling, No Bacteria. The Most Natural Open Baby Drinking Cup. The 360 cup teaches babies independent, adult like drinking in just one step.

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360° Cup

The 360 cup allows the baby to drink from anywhere around the cup, just like a tumbler. The antibacterial protection provides maximum hygiene with minimum maintenance. The patented antibacterial Steritouch protection has been independently tested.

Antibacterial Protection

The soft, patented valve, made of silicone, has silver granules embedded to kill 99% bacteria (E.Coli and MRSA) within 24 hrs of use.

360 Independent Drinking

The 360 cup teaches your baby glass like drinking in just one step, without spills and bacteria.

Soft and Comfortable

The LOVI 360 cup is rubber coated to prevent edges from cutting. Wide base provides stability so the cup does not easily tumble over. The 360 cup comes with removable handles and a cap.

It has wide mouth and only 3 components making it easy to clean.


The LOVI 360 cup uses SteriTouch® additive based on ionic silver, which holds extensive approvals including those for food contact. All of the active components are approved by the EFSA and FDA and supported on the Biocidal Product Regulations. The antimicrobial performance of the end product is confirmed by independent testing to the international standards (JIS and ISO).

Why Antibacterial protection

The antibacterial protection of silver ions works continuously and effectively to restrict growth of harmful bacteria. It also protects the product against degradation responsible for odors and staining, extending the product’s use. Bacterial infections such as MRSA, E. coli and Listeria can be very serious and antibacterial protection acts as a complementary measure to routine cleaning.