LOVI self sterilizing bottle is a concept that takes into account the juggling needs of a new parent. Taking care of a newborn saps away all the time and energy leaving behind a trail of mess that can be so time consuming to clean. An inexpensive, intelligent addition to a bottle, however, changes how you can save time and energy. A special hood can adjust all of the bottle components with water making it easy to sneak it in to microwave for a quick clean. No sterilizer or pots required for sterilizing. An easy, efficient, and fast sterilization method when traveling or in a hurry or just like that so you can spend more time together with your baby.

Here’s how to use the hood in a self sterilizing bottle:


1. Put the inverted cap and the teat in the special hood with water.
2. Put the inverted bottle on top of the teat as shown in the image and into microwave for 90 seconds.
3. The bottle is ready to use in just 90 seconds!

Bottle feeding is usually overshadowed with the concerns about nipple confusion. All LOVI Bottles come with Dynamic Teat that follows a baby’s natural suckling rhythm. The Dynamic Teat makes the baby swallow and breathe in a natural rhythm just like breastfeeding. (42-84 suckles/min and one swallow after 3-5 sucks). This makes it easier to combine LOVI bottles while breastfeeding.

So we have a combination of natural rhythm with smart, easy way to maintain and clean the bottles. It’s all that a new mother could have asked for!