Is Active Suckling Reflex a child’s response towards hunger only? Natural Suckling Reflex plays important role in providing nutrition (suckling on mother’s breast), but also because it exercises muscles and organs that are vital in development of speech, bite and respiration.

  • Suckling on a breast involves active, independent feeding on the child’s part with active work of more than 40 different muscles (Lips, tongue, jaw and cheeks).
  • Lip muscles are used for latching. Correct latch is important in developing correct breathing techniques from nose.
  • Active Suckling involves precise rhythmic movement of the baby’s tongue which regulates the speed and strength of lactation from the breast. By controlling the milk flow, the baby prevents itself from choking.
  • A baby suckles, swallows and breathes in a natural rhythm. The infant, while actively suckling on the mothers breast does the following: (one swallow after 3-5 sucks,42-84 suckles/min).
    • Breathes out the nose.
    • 4-5 Counts of suckling – at this stage it is very important that the baby’s lips have a t tight seal on mum’s breast nipple or the wider end of bottle nipple.
    • One count swallowing.
    • Breathes out the nose.

The LOVI Dynamic Teat design is solely based on natural Active Suckling Reflex. The teat is an outcome of rigorous research where non- homogenous silicone layers create milk channels very similar to a mother’s nipple. The shape and construction is such that it resembles a mom’s breast. The thicker base fits a child’s lips tightly to its sides, which prevents spilling from the mouth or breathing through the mouth. This is a crucial aspect since it is well known that air swallowed with the milk is the primary cause of the colic.

The teat elongates and contracts like a mothers nipple because of its unique construction. This complex design and construction allows a child to suck on the nipple actively in the same way as it sucks on a mother’s breast thus, most importantly, allowing the baby to develop oral muscles naturally even when it is not suckling on mother’s breast. LOVI Dynamic teat can therefore be used in conjunction with mother’s breast and sometimes, where mother is having lactation problems, it is the best alternative as it follows natural “Active Suckling Reflex” and helps in total speech, bite and respiratory muscular development extremely important for a child’s future.